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Is This The Next Great Foundation?

Over the past few months brands have been coming out with so many new foundation varying from different textures to different coverage. These make up brands not only worked on how great their foundations could be, but also their shade range. I am very happy to see many foundations that come out in many shades so anyone with any type of skin tone can pick out their perfect match. This is why I decided to review those foundations that have darker shades as well so everyone can give them a try.

Now that we picked up a foundation which ranges in many shades, we have to look for a nice coverage, but one that is not very visible on the skin and the long-lastingness is very important too. I am also looking for a foundation that is somewhat hydrating because I have dry skin and also feels light on my face. I believe when we pick out our foundation, we should always have high standards, and should never lower them, because in the end you will find your perfect match. However, if you keep on using the first foundation that comes across, it might not work well with skin’s texture or it could easily break you out. Never settle for less.

My go-to foundation has been the L’Oreal True Match foundation with a low-to-medium coverage and a dewy finish, in addition it can be found cheap in any drugstore. Lately though, I wanted to grab a foundation that has a higher coverage. I have been searching the shops and reading reviews on what I should buy, and after long thinking I ended up buying the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer.

I have tried Clinique’s Chubby Stick Foundation before which I absolutely loved, so I do trust Clinique with my skin, therefore I did not hesitate to grab it off the shelf either. I was excited to try it out, I could barely wait until the next morning to finally apply my make up and see what this foundation is capable of.

I did not use any primer under this foundation, only my Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Moisturizer that I use daily under my make up to cure any blemishes and spots. After I let that sink in for a few minutes I applied the Clinique foundation with a brush. The foundation comes with a wand with which you can smear it on your face and then blend it out with a brush, a beauty blender, or your fingers (whichever you prefer). I chose the brush, since thats what I like to use normally. After that, I followed my regular make up routine by adding concealer, powder, bronzer ect..

I immedietly noticed what a great coverage it has and how it covered my freckles, dark circles and red spots on my chin. So the first impression was great, plus it didn’t feel heavy on my skin either and looked very natural, even my friends complemented on how great my skin looks that day. It left a slighty dewy finish, nothing too extreme, so anyone with combination to a slightly oilier skin could pull it off perfectly while looking natural, but fully covered. Also you can mattify it with some powder if you wish to. My concealer blended perfectly with it, however you don’t need too much since this is a foundation and concealer in one bottle. And don’t forget that a little goes a long way; you don’t need to apply much to get a great coverage.

I also pleasantly read that it doesn’t contain any fragrances which can often cause irritation on the skin, plus you don’t spray perfume on your face either, so why would you put on scented foundation? In addition, this foundation has been tested for allergies, so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin which is prone to redness or irritation.

You get 30 ml in a bottle for 29$,  which I think is still affordable considering Clinique is a high-end brand. Throughout the day I realised it doesn’t move around, but the product did break apart a little under my eyes and started creasing quite visibly, which often happens to me. However, I couldn’t fix that by applying powder or by adding a light layer of extra concealer to it, so make sure you apply primer under the foundation where you tend to crease.

Other than the creasing under my eyes, I thought this was a fabulous foundation that sits lovely on the skin and keeps a natural, glowy look throught the day, which I find really important. For now, I do think this will be the foundation that I will be reaching for the most. It blends in with my skin seamlessly and sits on it perfectly. I do recommend this to anyone who doesn’t mind paying a little more for a great product!


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  1. noryhana March 12, 2018

    I won the set of these recently that came with the pencils and paperclips and stuff it”s so cute! But I got the shade #1 which is too light for me 🙈 I usually use concealers a few shades lighter but since I chose it online I couldn”t really see the shades properly and chose wrong. I still use it though, it”s not that bad but could be better. I love the hydrating concealer as well as I have very dry skin but I feel I always have to set my concealers coz I have bags under my eyes that I was literally born with lol, so concealers tend to crease badly on me. Theb only one I haven”t tried yet is the industrial strength one which I wana try soon, I use my finger with these and blend with a mini egg sponge which always does the trick.Need to try the hydrating concealer without makeup! I”ve never thought to use concealer without makeup before for some reason lol. Great review as always 🌸 custom writing

    • Kata Zabrak March 15, 2018 — Post Author

      I get a lot of creasing under my eyes too and sometimes a primer won’t help either, so I am still trying to find the perfect concealer or foundation, but I’m getting close now! 😉 Thanks for reading! <3

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