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5 Skin Care Products to Splurge On

Christmas days are sadly over, which means so is the overeating and drinking, which we all know is not the best recipe for a smooth skin, but we should all take a break from our everyday lives and healthy routines to let loose a little by the very end of the year. Although this “letting loose” can damage our skin from all the sugary and spicey food and we can have our worst breakouts, we still have to take care of our skin to make sure we can replace the vitamins and antioxidants with creams and serums.

This Christmas, my Mum and I both recieved plenty of skin care products, so I made sure to try them all out and review them for you. Eventhough these products are more expensive, I believe you should save up some money for these. I am a big lover of drugstore products and if I find a new favourite for a great price, I make sure everyone knows about it. But I think these high end cosmetics are one of a kind because they all have something in them, that no other cream or face wash has.

Kielh’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil (32$)

I first bought the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eyecream, which I loved so much, that when I saw this cleanser, I had to try it out. You apply it on wet face and gently rub it in so it can dissolve your make up and remove any dirt and oils that shouldn’t be on our face. It is great for sensitive skin especially if it’s infalmed or irritated because the oils in it helps soothe the skin. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean, free from any dead cells and make up from the day. After a longer use, I saw my blemishes lighten sooner, than normally and helped prevent any unnecessary breakouts and redness.

Biotherm Wonder Mud Face Mask (50$)

After washing off my make up, I like to put on some face mask every few days to really purify and hydrate my skin. My skin always brightens and looks healthier after wearing a face mask for about 10 minutes, because that’s when all the antioxidants and vitmains can really seep into the skin and add some life back to it. This Biotherm Mud Mask contains special ingredients like mineral clay which is perfect to minimize the size of pores while cleaning them and leaving you with a hydrated skin. In addition, most masks need at least 10 minutes to really help the skin, while you can leave this on for 3 minutes for visible change, therefore you can easily use it in the morning before putting on your make up. I did get this mask on sale, so I didn’t pay the full price, but it is definetly my absolute favourite mask so far.


Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover (19$)

After cleansing my face and using a mask I like to take the leftover mascara and eyeshadow off with a liquid makeup remover. I pour some on a piece of cotton pad and swipe it all over my face to tone it aswell. I gently rub it around my eyes to make sure every bit of make up is removed. I also like to use this in the morings when I wake up, because it adds a healthy glow to the skin. It dissolves waterproof make up too and doesn’t sting the eye either, so this Clinique make up remover is a gem! This toner is gentle, yet affective by removing the dust, pollution and impurities that could still linger on the skin after cleansing.


Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil (33$)

If I had to pick between a moisturizer or a facial oil, I would probably choose the oil. But obviously not any kind of oil, since I came across many that has only clogged my pores and caused me horrible breakouts, but the Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil that I bought for myself before Christmas since I ran out of my old Smashbox Primer Oil. I have gone through many bottles of oils before, but this is far the best because of how hydrating and nourishing it is. My skin loves this product and as soon as I apply it, it soaks up every drop of it. It is made from 100°% plant extracts so you don’t have to worry about putting something chemical on your face. I love to use this day and night, under make up as a primer, and also before bed to really soothe my skin and to prevent it’s dehydration during these cold months.

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream (18$)

This is one of Marios Badescu’s best-selling eye cream, so when I ordered it, I wasn’t afraid I would be disappointed. Although it does fight fine lines and wrinkles, and I am not in need of a cream like that yet, I loved how it brightened my very visible dark circles and quickly gets rid of the morning puffiness. It has a lightweight forumla and a small amount goes a long way. I find that if I apply a little too much, it can get oily under my eyes, therefore my foundation and concealer moves around throughout the day, but it helps lock in the moisture and is perfect for any skin type too.


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