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Easy Nail Art Ideas For New Year’s Eve

A few years back when I used to do my own nails, I always did some fancy manicure on my nails for Christmas and New Year’s Eve to keep up with the festive feels. I loved golds, silvers, glitters and this hasn’t changed much since, except, I’m not the one who is doing my nails anymore. However, I still love looking for photos of different nail art ideas, and I did get inspired a little, so I created some easy looks that anyone can recreate!

We all know that nails can easily complete an outfit or spice up a look by wearing a classic red polish, or by adding a glitter top coat. Nail polish can make everything look much more interesting, plus painting you nails can give you some time to relax and take care of yourself for an hour or so. And of course this time of the year should be about feeling content, relaxed and full of love, so forget about your problems and paint your nails in coats of silver nail polish!

You can never go wrong with ombre

Ombre is a style that has recently become trendy a few years ago, and since then everyone has been loving it. You just can’t get tired of it. The multiple colors on the nails are exiting and can be worn with many shades. I like to mix in some glitter or metallic polishes to make my nails look even more popping and extra. Don’t be afraid to go wild, this is the season when you can pull off so many things you wouldn’t dare during the year, so don’t hold back.


And metallics spice up everything

So this year I decided to go with the classic silver as my manicure to start off 2018, and I think it was a pretty good decesion. It is not only silver, but has smaller glitter particals in it making it look much more eye-catching and shiny. I always get compliments on my nails if I they are metallic, and I compliment sparkling manis just as much. Who doesn’t love all that shine? Rocking these silver nails made me dress up more and go a little wild sometimes. I wore some dresses over the past few days that I haven’t been wearing much, because I felt like I couldn’t pull them off, but this silver polish made me step out of my comfort zone and dress up to it.


Glitter polish makes any shade exciting

I once bought a top coat that has iradescent pieces in it, and I can safely say it is one of my favourite polishes in my collection. In addition, I ordered it from Avon, which is a very cheap brand and I can’t believe how amazing quality their nail polishes are. I feel like glitter makes everything better, so if you’re not sure what manicure to ask for, just go with a glitter top coat. I painted two coats of dark blue color from OPI to create this look. Although these glittery top coats take longer to dry, I think it is worth the time, just make sure you have plemty of time to wait until your nails dry completely. We all hate it when we think our nails are dry, but then realize we accidentally touched something which ruined our perfect manicure.


And I also collected some pictures so you can gain a little more inspiration for this lovely festive season!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!


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