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Favourite Products Of 2017

Working with make up nearly everyday has given me many experiences throught the years, but I think that 2017 was the year that my make up abilities had grown so much. I learnt many new ways to apply make up, I experimented with products, I watched tutorials and read many posts about upcoming products and what to expect from them. And because all of these, my techniques had proven so much this year thankfully. I just realised these last night as I was flipping through my photos on my phone and I saw how akward my eyebrows were for example. I used the wrong shade, and I didn’t even take care of them properly, so learning how to fill them in and pluck them made me start a whole different routine since January. I also realised how blochy my eyeshadows were because of using a cheap and old brushes that I should have thrown out ages ago. But this is how we all learn and experience, and hopefully one day, we will master this make up thing.

Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer (25$)

I am in love with basically any Mario Badescu product, since they have an amazing range of skin care product for oily, dry, sensitive and elderly skin. But my personal favourite is the Honey Moisturizer because my dry skin soaks up every drop of moisture in minutes, and I already don’t look as tired as I am, while it helps soothe any irritation. In addition the honey is extra nourishing that is perfect for nearly any skin type, so if you have been hesitating to buy it, I can only encourage you to do so. This moisturizer is rich in antioxidants that fastens up the process of any healing blemishes and plumps the skin, therefore it works as a great primer under any foundation as well. It doesn’t come in a large bottle, but neither a small one, so it is just the right size to store it on your shelves or in your travel bag.

Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enchancer (48$)

I actually ordered this product not too long ago from BeautyBay.com because I heard so much good about the brand itself before, and I knew it was the time for me to try it out as well. As soon as my package arrived, this was the first product I grabbed to try out and I fell in love immediately. What surprised me the most was that I only needed to use a very tiny amount of product to cover up under my eyes or any spots. A little goes a long way, believe me, I won’t run out of this gem very soon. I was also amazed by the fantastic coverage of this product, since it covers up everything so good, and the coverage lasts until I wash my make up off. Although it did crease under my eyes, but you can easily fix that by adding some powder to set it. For someone who doesn’t like wearing make up often, could find this a little heavy, but you can get used to it under a day. In addtion, it is waterproof, so it won’t move under any circumstamces, which is always a benefit and another reason to purchase this. Although I find this concealer expensive, (I bought it on sale), I do recommend you this product if you can afford it, or see it on sale.

Artdeco Glow Bronzer (29$)

I bought this lovely bronzer during the summer from a local store because I never tried out any of Artdeco’s products before either, so I thought why not give this one a go? It is very pigmented, so make sure to only pick up a small amount on your brush, but when you apply it, you will have the most natural, healthy looking tan ever. I not only use it to bronze up my face for a glowy look, but also as an eyeshadow to pull the whole look together. The two tones create the perfect shade which are both slightly shiney, so it gives you a dewy skin, but who doesn’t love that? I started using it every day, and since then, it has become a part of my routine that I am not planning to change any time soon. I feel like this brand needs more recognition around the world, and I hope people will realize how amazing products they actually have. Althought this bronzer is limited edition, I still have seen it in stores since August, so don’t worry, you still have time to pick it up. Artdeco put out a few shades of these, and also in blushes, so I might need to give those a try too.


Sleek Highlighting Palette (Cleopatra’s Kiss) (15$)

Speaking of dewy skin, I had been trying to aim for that all year, and with the help of this wonderful palette, I achieved it rather quickly. This palette is not only cheap, but it contains 4 (!!!!) different shades that are all extremely pigmented. Two of them are cream products, while the other two are powder ones, so you can surely find the shade and texture that works best for you. The creams can be used for a more subtle look, but if you add one of the powders on top, everyone will be blinded by your highlight. I seriously can’t get over how cheap and amazing this Sleek palette is, it truly is on spot. Very affordable and pigmented, the best combo you could ask for. The packaging is very classy as well, it is anything but cheap and wonky.


Smashbox Full Exposure Palette (52$)

I believe this palette is a must-have if you are either starting to use make up, or you have been a make up lover for a long time now. It has 14 different shades; 7 matte, 6 shimmery and 1 with a lovely pearl shine, that is probably my favourite out of all. All of these are nudes, some of them are more warmer shades, while others are colder and have a grey tone to them. The reason why this is a must-have in your make up bag is because, these are the colors that you use nearly everyday, wether you are going for a natural look and only put some light shimmer on your browbone and inner corner of your eyes, or a night out look where you opt for a sexy, smokey eye. It also has great transition shades that you can apply before adding on colors. The pigmentation is absolutely fantastic and every single shade can be blended very easily too. There is a small amount of fallout with the shimmer shades, but most shimmer eyeshadows come with that.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz (21$)

We all know that Anastasia Beverly Hills creates the best brow product out there, and their Dip Brow Pomade is loved by many, however I find that way too unnatural for an everyday eyebrow look, so I picked up the Brow Wiz in the shade Caramel while on vacation in Nice, France. This was one of my favourite purchases this year, since this product matches my brow the most; it is not too dark and it doesn’t have any red tint to it, that usually makes eyebrows look unnatural and way too sharp. One end has got bristles so you can brush through the hairs before using the other side to softly draw on or fill your eyebrows in. I usually just extend the tails of my brows and fill out the edges, since my brows aren’t that defined by themselves. I also like to put some tinted gel over the top to keep them in place, however I am still in search for a holy grail brow gel that I can share with you, so I hope maybe next year I can include a new product in a favourites post.


Mac Fix Plus (25$)

Mac is a brand that has never failed to please me and I know I can always save up for something created by them. And fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed when I bought the Fix Plus which is known by all beauty bloggers by now. The aim of this product is to keep your make up in place for the whole day and if you used a lot of powder products, you can spray a little over your face and the powder will settle on your skin so naturally, you won’t even notice you have any make up on. Even if throughout the day you feel as if your skin is getting tired, and your make up is moving around, just a few spritz can make your make up look as good as in the morning. It is perfect to complete a dewy look or set a matte foundation in place. I never thought I actually needed a fixing spray until I bought this a few months ago, and only now did I realize how often I reach for it. I definitely recommend everyone to save up for this amazing product! I know I will continue using this in 2018 for sure.


So these are my holy grails this year that helped me improve my skills and made my make up look better every day. I hope these products work out just as well for you, as they did to me!


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