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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Since the first day of December, we have all been getting in the mood for Christmas and counting back the days until the big day. The chistmasy lights are already up on the streets and the reindeer sweaters have been selling out extremely fast this year. I also helped my Mum put on the winter decorations around the house, plus we bought some cinnamon scented candles to add to the feeling while we sip some sweet tea by the fire. This is by far the most special time of the year that I can’t get enough of and I wish it would be at least a little longer so we could all enjoy the love and the warmth of family time.

But as we come closer to Christmas, I start to realize I still hadn’t gotten any gifts so I start to rush things and run around for a great present for everyone in the family. However, I create a mess in my head by having way too many ideas for different people, and I can’t decide what I should get them. So this post isn’t only a guide for you, but a list for me to clear things up a little and see what I actually would get for my loved ones this year.


Festive Make Up Palettes:

Becca Après Ski Glow Face Palette (54$)

This limited edition face make up palette is perfect for any make up addict (like me). It contains the brand’s best-selling blushes with wonderful highlights and bronzers. It has everything you need for a healthy looking, rozy cheek that you can wear any time of the year. Becca is known for it’s amazing highlighters and face products, so I am sure nobody would be displeased with this amazing gift. It is more of a shimmery palette, so don’t be surprised if you fall in love with your new glow!

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (55$)

Another limited edition palette that has been loved by many so far is a great gift for anyone who loves a metallic eye make up. To stay with the shimmer theme, I decided to add this palette to my list because: a) it is limited edition, and that makes it even more special, and: b) it has such unique shades that can be used so creatively, I just couldn’t resist. You can wear the lighter shades for a more natural, dewy look, while you can go wild with the blues, purples and greens for a night out. Urban Decay has amazing eye palettes, and I am sure this one is just as amazing as the rest!

Let’s not forget about the nails

Every girl knows how important it is to get their nails done for Christmas and we all enjoy painting our nails from time to time. I made sure to collect the best nail polishes from the best brands that never let me down to see what they put out this Christmas.

OPI : Coalmates: 

This is a shade you can never go wrong with, wether it is festive season or not. This dark charcoal shimmer shade is perfect for the winter mood, while keeping it elegant and classy. I love coating my nails in shades that go with not only any outfit, but the season too, and I feel like this shade represents the winter in Budapest very well.

Essie 2017 Holiday Mini Kit (13$)

A mini pack of nail polish is cutest thing ever for someone who like their nails looking sleek and pretty. This kit contains 4 different shades (5 ml) that was created for this years Christmas. It has a metallic grey, which is the most extra in this packet, a light blue that resembles the snow and the weather, a red that basically is a must-have in everyone’s nail polish collection, and a dark burgundy which is very, very pretty. It’s cheap price is another positive thing about this, in addition, Essie is one of the best nail polish brands out there, so you can’t go wrong with this beauty!

Lipsticks to invest in

MAC Snowball Lip Bag:

Okay, so I got this lip bag for my best friends birthday in the shade red, and she has loved it so much, she couldn’t stop talking about it throughout the night, so it’s safe to say, MAC has done a wonderful job once again. This lip bag contains a lipstick with a matching lipliner and lipgloss. It comes in two different shades: red and nude. I decided to go with the red because it has much more Christmas feel to it, plus we all need a great red lipstick that doesn’t smudge or leave stains on glasses. Obviously if you prefer a more natural color, go with the nudes, they are just as amazing and you can wear the whole kit on a daily basis. But make sure you pick it up soon, since it is limited edition too!


I hope this list helped you, or at least gave you some inspiration on what to buy your friends and family for this year’s Christmas! Enjoy your Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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