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Greetings From France and Italy

It has been a while since I have posted, but you know what they say; its’s better late then never. The last month has been really busy with a lot of travelling, birthdays and school, but of course there is no excuse to skip a month without updating, so I thought it would be fun to let you in about what I have been up to lately.

I had a wonderful chance to go on a road trip to Italy and France with my family for a quite a time, and I made sure to enjoy every second of it. We had the best meals, we saw the most beautiful lakes and obviously I couldn’t miss out on visiting Sephora, so I did shop a few things here and there too.



We started off in Sirmione, a small village in Italy by the Lake Garda, which is one of the biggest lakes in Italy. Although we were all tired from the 7 hour car ride from Budapest, we did some sight-seeing and walked around the village filled with happy Italians. The next day we decided to see a little more, so we visited the castle where we had a great view of the lake.





Our next stop was Lake Como, where we had the best cousine throughout the whole trip and we were blown away from their coffee. We took a boat ride that stopped at a few villages so we can have a look around there as well. We checked out Villa Carlotta, and amazing villa by the lake which was enormous and we had to walk up so many stairs, but it was definitely worth it. I was also very happy with a silver ring I bought in a cosy jewellery shop that was handmade and had a small orange gem in it. Lake Como was a wonderful experience that made the whole vacatiom so much more exciting.




Our next destination was Nice, France. This city was on my bucketlist and I gladly ticked it off as soon as we got there. There wasn’t anything I didn’t love about this city; the pastries were fenomenal, the sea was breathtaking and the city had a great soul that made you want to spend eternity there. The second morning I wanted to see the sunrise by the sea, so I went for a run while having the most amazing view, which gave me some energy for the day, since I knew we were going to be walking all day. We went into the old part of the city where we saw authentic buildings and restaurants as well as cute shops that had the most adorable goods. We also went down by the sea, unfortunately, the weather did not allow us to try and take a dip, but this is just another excuse to go back and visit Nice once again.




While we were still close to Nice, we took a longer route just to visit a small town, Éze, that was basically built in a cliff. This was my mom’s favourite place and she even decided to get old here, open a coffee shop and only serve costumers that were kind to her. Not a bad way to grow old in my opinion. We then visited a cati garden, where we had a wonderful view of the French Riviera and the sea. After a long hike, we had some coffee that gave us some more energy to drive over to Monaco and spend the rest of the day there.






After these few days, I didn’t know what to do with my life back home in Budapest, I was so overwhelmed with all these memories and experiences. I also missed walking around cities and exploring the hidden streets that held the most delicious restaurants and the loveliest shops ever.


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