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Is This Truly The Best Foundation Ever?

As a girl who has loved make-up ever since I can remember, I always need to carry my favourite foundation with me in my bag. I do have my holy grails, but I also love to experiment and try out new products to review them for you and to find a new foundation that maybe has a different consistency or coverage that I suddenly become attached to.


I will always be on a hunt for a fantastic new product, wether it is a drugstore or a high end product, although I experienced that I preferred much more drugstore foundations so far.

Since autumn stopped knocking on our doors, and rather just let itself in, my tan has been fading off visibly and I simply couldn’t stick to my wonderful summer foundation from Clarins that I love so dearly, therefore I decided to pick up a product that has a big hype around it. And that is how I got my hands on the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation.The lady behind the counter helped me pick out my shade that will be perfect for the winter, which is 2W1 Dawn.


The first time I applied it, it went on smooth and easy, it wasn’t difficult to blend out and the fact that it was my shade (this collection comes in 38 different tones) only helped. However it soon mattified on my skin which surprised me. For some reason I expected it to be a dewy foundation that will give me a nice glow, but I was mistaken. Although this is not the foundation’s mistake, it is mine, since I wasn’t careful enough and I haven’t done the right amount of research before buying the product. And beacuse it leaves a matte finish, I would recommend this for oily to combination skin. I have to apply plenty of moisturizer under it to keep it natural and avoid any caking. Also, if you have younger skin, and tend to use powder after foundation, I feel like you could skip that step because it doesn’t crease and stays matte throughout the day.


It is also a full to mid coverage which I always lean towards to. I never understood the point of any low coverage foundation or BB creams, because if I want to cover up my blemishes, I won’t reach for a tinted moisturiser, so I love the coverage it gave me. In addition it stayed put throught the whole day, it didn’t budge at all. What I had also taken in mind is that when I added bronzer and blush, they didn’t get tacky or moved the foundation around. Everything was very pretty and sleek.


However I am not to keen on matte foundations because they tend to sit on the surface of the skin rather then blending in with the texture, and then applying more product that are a little heavier on the skin will make everything look unnatural and visible in the end. So I decided to use cream products instead of powder ones. I applied my Dior contour stick to bronze up a little and a Clinique Chubby stick to add some freshness to my cheeks. I finally finished off with The Body Shop cream highlighter which I am constantly amazed by how wonderful it is.


All in all, I was pleased with the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation since it does stay on for at least 10 hours if you don’t touch your face or change your shirts, and it does have an SPF 10, which means you do get some protection from the sun, even if it is just a small amount. I would recommend this foundation for those who have oily skin and it is perfect for elderly skin aswell. It looked a little cakey on my dry skin even with a lot of moisturisers and oils under it because it sinks up all the oils on the face, so do wait after you prime your face. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this product again, simply because it is not for my skin type, even if a small amount goes a long way and can cover up major blemishes and dark under eye-circles well. It didn’t feel heavy on the skin either, which is something positive to look for in a foundation.



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