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The Best Cleansers You Must Have

I clearly remember the day I had gotten my first facial cleanser. I was about 11 or 12, just around the age when all the pimples and acne started coming out on the face. Back then I didn’t even know that you can clear your face from many spots by using a few products before bed, so when I saw the cleanser and tonic in a small bag I was utterly confused. Then my mom explained to me how this can help my pores clean out and that these products get rid of any excess oily that my skin produces during the teenage years. After a few uses, it totally changed my life. I’m pretty sure this was the fist step of me loving skincare and make up, so thank you mom. Ever since that night, I had plenty of different cleansers in my bathroom and I have many opinions about them too. So tonight while I was taking off my make up, I thought of my absolute favourite facial products and I wanted to share them all with you. I really hope that they will work just as well for you as they did to me.

1.Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub:

This scrub is magic, I swear. It deep cleanses my skin, removes all the blackheads, lightens the blemishes and all these positive changes can be see within a few days. This oil free product controls acne and unlike many other scrubs, does not contain any plastic microbeads which often leave small scars on the face, can cause small bleedings and dry out the skin very much. One of it’s main ingredients is salicylic acid which is a loved by dermatologists because it cures acne incredibly well. However, I wouldn’t recommend this product to people with dry skin, because it does dry it a little, but using a small amount of cream afterwards will hydrate everything.


2. Bioderma Sensibio Gel Moussant:

People with sensitive skin listen up because this product has been made for you. There are times when I wear more make up than my skin can handle and all the rubbing and scrubbing while taking it off hurts my skin so I reach for this amazing face wash. It doesn’t dry out my face at all, infact it actually hydrates. It also removes all the dead skin cells and gives me a refreshed, glowy skin. It does not cause any irritation around my eyes, furthermore, if my skin is already irritated it soothes it very well.


3. Lancome Créme Radiance:

This amazing product has a very nice texture, it is somewhere between a cream and a foam, so if your skin doesn’t like scrubs, try out this product, especially if you have dry skin like me. I love using it in the morning because it pampers my skin and I can start the day off with a smooth face, it refreshes and awakens me. It contains antioxidants which fills up the skin with a ton of energy. Another positive thing I should mention is that it doesn’t only remove general make up, but waterproof as well, which we all struggle with.


4.  Himalaya Apricot Scrub:

This has been my number 1 favourite drugstore facial scrub. Himalaya is a brand that uses many many natural ingredients and herbs that works wonders on the skin. A lot of scrubs dry out my skin, but this actually hydrates. I don’t think I will ever come across another product as good as this, I have gotten my friends hooked, plus plenty of bottles of this item had sat on my shelf. In addition it helps stimulate fresh and healthy cell growth while all the vitamins nourish your skin.


5. Kielh’s Cucumber Conditioning Cleanser:

I have always been after hydrating products, or at least those that don’t dry out my skin even more, so when I came across this conditioning product, I new I might’ve found a new favourite. The gylcerin in it cleans the pores and treates acne, meanwhile the cucumber extract calms the skin and leaves it feeling fresh throughout the day. This foaming gel removes make up, but can be used in the morning too to moisturize and add some life back to it after a long night.


I hope this small guide will help you find the new love of your life of facial cleansers and may your skin be clean and soft!


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