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Top Summer Esscentials

Enjoying every season and bringing the best out of them is very important, but when summer comes along, we change up our beauty routine to adapt to the hot sun and the humidity. It is hard to enjoy a great BBQ in the back garden with friends or some mohitos under the sun in the city when it’s so warm and you feel like nothing can help you. However, I picked out the must-have product of 2017 that will help everybody save some time. Knowing what to pack for your holiday is very practical, especially if you packed last minute and have to pick up some products at the airport (which is waaay more expensive). So I collected my favourite beauty items and some of my jewellery that I wear every day since the first day of summer.

Summer esscentials

To start off, you should always think about your skin before leaving the house, so make sure you apply any sunscreen, which you should keep in your bag throughout the day, then keep on reapplyig it every few hours to keep your skin healthy. Personally, I don’t like to apply sunscreen on my face, because it is very oily and causes breakouts, therefore I bought a cream from The Body Shop that contains SPF and vitamin E that nourishes my skin and keeps it hydrated. It protects your skin from any UVA and UVB radiation, in addition, you won’t have to suffer from sunburns for the next few days.


Recenly, I have written a post about the Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation, and I loved it so much I decided to mention it again. It has a very nice formula, very thin texture with a mid coverage, which I find perfect for the summer. It gives me a dewy finish for the rest of day, but not at all oily. If you do get oily, don’t be afraid of apply some powder, or use some oily paper to remove the excess. To read my full review of this product click the link here: http://katasblog.com/index.php/2017/06/18/the-one-and-only-foundation-for-summer/


I love me some shiny eyeshadows for the summer, especially the golden, bronzy ones which with I can create some more natural looks with. For my birthday I recieved a single compact golden eyeshadow from Pupa Cosmetics that I love to bits. It is extremely pigmented and the shine of it is out of this world. It gives you a slightly wet eye look with a bit of sexiness. I apply it with my fingers on the lid. I also love using my Smashbox Metallics palette that I use nearly everyday when I wear make up. I am head over heels for the colors, very pigmented, very little fallout, and overall I can always create a lovely look with this amazing palette! I recommend everyone picking this up while shopping.


I must not miss out mentioning the lipstick, since this particular one has grown to my heart. About a year ago I bought the Dior Rouge lipstick in the shade 597. I haven’t seen it in the stores since, but I am sure you can find a dark plum, creamy lipstick anywhere. This lipstick is very buildable; during the day, I pat it on lightly to give my lips a nice tint, but if we go out at night, I put some on more heavily to achieve a vampy look. It is long lasting with a creamy shine which can hydrate your lips insteade of drying them out.


So for my jewellery, I bought these lovely Ray Ban round metal sunglasses (0RB3447). It’s shade it the classic Ray Ban greenish-grayis color, while I also found one in a brown color. I love the vintage vibe to it, I feel like these glasses can never go out of style. Sunglasses are amust for summer, since you can easily be blinded by the sun, it makes life easier, plus it looks cute with an outfit. I also have been wearing some rings lately that I got for my birthday. These are so beautiful and lovely, I cherish them very well. Rings are perfect for a lazy outfit, making it more put together, but it can also finish the look of a very elegant dress. The ring on my left hand is from Pnadora, the ones on the right are from Thomas Sabo.




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