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The One And Only Foundation For Summer

The beginning of June means a new foundation. A fresh start. It is very hard choosing a founation for the summer, that exceeds our expectations (we all have them up high), and sticking to it throughout these hot months. This season, we want to get rid of everything. We’d rather grab a cute skirt or a dress, instead of a skinny jeans and jumpers, and this applies to our make up too. Nobody likes wearing make up that sweats off easily, and gets oily in the sun, or even worse, oxidises. Finding the perfect foundation has never been easy, especially in the summer, but no worries, it is not impossible.

I prefered BB creams or CC creams the past couple of years for the hot season, but this year I opted for a slighlty more coverage. This did make my search a little difficult, since I didn’t want to use a foundation that melts off my skin, or feels too heavy. In addition I also wanted to find a new favourite, something I hadn’t used before and that’s how I ended up at Clarins. I have heard many goods about this brand before; amazing skincare, their products can turn back the time on your skin, it gives you a glowing look. They had many variations, more creamy ones, very high coverage foundation, and BB creams too. Fortunately I found the Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation, that probably fits any type of skintone perfectly.


This Clarins product works great on oily, dry and combination skin too. If you have really dry skin, feel free to apply your moisturiser under it or your mattifying primer in case if you have oily skin. It contains SPF, which I’m glad about, because it is important to take care of your skin and avoid any ultraviolet radiation. When I first applied it in the morning, I was amazed how much it look like my skin. It made the dicoloration disappear, covered my blemishes and evened out my skin tone. It gave me my dream skin. I also found it very hydrating, which made me feel fresh and energized. It contains minerals and plant ingredients which addes a lovely, natural glow, that cannot be achieved with any other foundation. I didn’t even apply any highlighter because I loved how natural and pretty it looked on my skin. The radiance it creates is wonderful and it perfectly evens out my complexion. It gave me a medium coverage that can be built up well without caking up by the end of the day, and even in the humidity, it didn’t make my skin shiny and oily.


I also loved the packaging, which obviously isn’t as important as the product inside of it, but who doesn’t like a sleek and classy bottle? The gold top makes it very elegant and the white letters create a great contrast with the foundations shade. It is on the pricier side with it’s 44$, but believe me, it is worth all the money.


I am so pleased with this foundation, and even if the summer has passed I will go back to it because of it’s natural texture and great coverage. I will also go back to the store to pick up other facial products and some of their best sellers, like their lip oil that I have heard so much about. I am glad I have found a a new favourite!


(cover photo source: https://www.instagram.com/clarinsusa/)

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