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The Right Way To Start Off Your Make Up

Ever since I had been wearing make up, I had different experiences with products; how they work on my skin, how they work together and is the final look good enough? A lot depends on the type of foundation you use, if the powder is loose or not, if you wear a cream contour or just a bronzer, but it is more important to look for the best products before applying any make up on your skin. Your skin could be flakey by the end of the day, your concealer could move around, or your foundation might have been sweat off. But all of these can be prevented if you make sure you pick the right skin care products before dabbing on your foundation. The secret is to the perfect make up is which cream you gently rub in your skin after you get out of bed. In addition, red spots, dark circles and the texture of your skin can be repaired in the morining so you won’t have to worry about looking tired or worn out.


You don’t need the most expensive items from the shelves, nor the ones celebritied use, nor the ones magazines reccommend. Make sure you find the right cream for your skin. The best way is to visit a dermatologist and they will tell you what creams to use on a daily basis for you to have the most healthy skin. I don’t use all the products everyday that I will list below, but these are my number one favourites.

  1. Steamcream:

I have recently discovered this absolute babe in Sephore a month or two ago when I went shopping, and ever since, I have been loving it so much! I can’t say one bad word about it. The formula is amazing; it is very light and it is absorbed quickly aswell. After the first few days of using it, my skin cleared up so well, no pimples in sight and also my scars and blemishes disappeared. It deeply hydrates and nourishes, leaving me with a glowing, healthy skin in the morning. A reason why I also like to use it under my foundation is because it gives a dewy, natural finish and it works really well as a primer too. The natural ingredients helps the skin looking fresh and keeping it young.


2. Lancome

My mum had been using the Lancome Rénergie French Lift for a couple of months and I heard her gushing about it how this cream had made her skin so soft and glowing; “like my skin had been replaced”. And she is my mum, so I am going to trust her and I gave this Lancome cream a go myself, and I was just as happy with it as she is up to this day. It is very hydrating and helps freshen up my skin day to day. What I love about this product is that when I use it for the night, I wake up with really healthy skin, my blemishes fade away and no sign of dryness can be felt. When I use it under my make up, I can always blend the products better, plus it gives a luminous glow that doesn’t disappear under the foundation and lasts until I wash it off at the end of the day. The eye cream gets rid of any fine lines and lightens my dark circles by the morning. It also prevents any puffiness from the lack of sleep. And the mixture of these two products is fantastic!


3. Primer:

I use two primers after I applied my moisturizer to make sure my foundation and concealer is locked in place throughout the day. I use two different textured primers and the reason for this is because they both give me a lovely finish and satisfy my needs.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil:

This is a more expensive primer, however not too bad, with it’s 30$, but you do get 30 ml of product, which is very good. Since this is an oil, it does have an oily texture, so oily skinned people might not enjoy it as much as I do, but if you have combination skin this can still work for you. The amount of hydration it give is out of this world. It gives a very dewy and natural look that works so well with any foundation. I also discovered that this can be used for the night, infact the bottle says it too. This is a great primer that doesn’t clog any pores, therefore you don’t have to worry about breakouts and you may use it any time of the day aswell.

L’oreal Infallible Mattifying Base:

After using the Smashbox primer, I dab on a small amount of this primer, because it is more gel-like, therefore it fills up my pores and smoothes out my skin incredibly well. It has a silky touch that preps my skin for the day. Whenever I use this product, my make up never gets oily because of it’s mattifying components. Eventhough this fill up my pores, it doesn’t clog them and cause any pimples or futher breakouts like many other primers do. It is very affordable and you can find it whichever drugstore you prefer.


So these are my absolute favourite products that I reach out to day to day, for the most natural look. I like to keep my skin healthy, and using the best products can save you a lot of stress about your skin in the future!



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