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Goodbye Under Eye Bags!

We all dislike dark circles that form under our eyes in the mornings, they seem to never disappear and no matter what, they will sit there forever. Fortunately, I have some good news for you. It is possible to say goodbye to them, even if they won’t disappear completely or only temporarly, we can make them fade away. And of course there are the lucky ones, who don’t have any darkness under their eyes and wake up perfect in the morning, no matter how short their “beauty sleep” was. For the unluckier ones like me, I searched for a few tips that could help us.

1.Green Tea

Green tea has multiple remedies that has been used for years and years to cure different health and beauty problems. Not only drinking it will help get rid of them, since water is another big factor that can cause dark circles if you haven’t drank enough, but dipping a peice of cotton in some green tea and placing them over your eyes for 15 minutes will leave you feeling fresh and will eventually lighten those unwanted bags.


2. Almond Oil

The lack of vitamin E can also be another cause of them circles, therefore not only using almond oil treatment under our eyes can make a change, but also eating a few almonds every day will brighten the eye. Rubbing it around the eyes for two weeks every day can already make a difference that can be seen. The Body Shop sells great products full of vitamin E that you can check out for a great price.

Almond oil

3. Stop using salt

Using salt for every meal or eating too much salty snacks can prevent the water flowing good enough through your body which can give you dark bags. Water finds way to places where there is less sodium, and the place around your eyes is a perfect example for that. So if you use less salt for your dinner, you will wake up with lighter bags and barely any puffiness.


These are just a few tips that you don’t even have to spend any money on. They are all natural, non-toxic aswell. However if you are looking for under eye products that you would like to try out, I recommend you the Kielhs’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream. You only need a small amount and by the morning you will have younger looking eyes.



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