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During my stay in Germany, I had a great time shopping not only clothes but make up aswell. I made sure to shop in stores that cannot be found in Hungary to try out as many new brands as possible, so I took a trip to Kiko. I was also quite lucky because of the huge sale they had, so I got plenty of new eyeshadows and some lipsticks for a great price.

Kiko Eyeshadow

The first things I wanted to buy was a few neutral eyeshadows because I have been running low on them. When I started to swatch them on my hands I instantly realized how pigmented and creamy they are. All of the eyeshadows felt very silky and seemed easy to blend aswell, so I grabbed two more shades, one shimmery and one darker matte. The eyeshadows from left to right are in the shades 47, 48, 41.

Kiko Take It All Beauty Kit

Kiko Take It All Beauty Kit

There were two shades from this palette, this rosey tones one (02) and the other one had more of the nude shades (01), but since my eyeshadows were already nude colors, I went with the rosey tones kit. It comes with three eyeshadows, one bronzer and blush, one eyeliner and two brushes. The lighter eyeshadow is shimmery while everything else is matte to keep it natural. I was really impressed with the bronzer and the blush, they weren’t too heavy while their pigmentation was fantastic. I also think this small kit is absolutely perfect for travelling, you don’t have to pack in a ton of product, just throw this in your bag and you are ready to go.

Kiko Mineral Powder

I was also really keen on trying a new loose powder, so I bought this mineral powder in the shade 06. It isn’t translucent, which I don’t mind because it will give some extra coverage under my eyes while setting my foundation and concealer. In my opinion it is hard to find a loose powder that isn’t good (though it is obviously possible), so this one is fairly good. It set my make up well and my skin didn’t get oily for a very long time either. You also get a smally sponge that I actually really like.

Kiko Finish Line Lipstick

This creamy matte lipstick has a great consistency and pigmentation, however I am not too fond of this shade (01). It kind of looks like as if I had applied foundation on my lips. Maybe during the winter it won’t look so unflattering, since right now I have quite a dark tan, therefore it won’t seem as light as it does now. But I do recommend you to try this in another shade.

Kiko Lipstick

I was already purchasing my new-to-be prodcuts when I spotted this goodie by the cashier. I had a quick look at it when the girl by the cashier told me she had this on her lips and I fell in love with the color. Without hesitation I added this one to my cart as well. It has a lovely buttery feel to it, very pigmented and long lasting. I also like how well it can be built up, for example applying it lightly will give a nice, natural color to my lips without it looking patchy or uneven.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with all of the products I had picked up on my last day in Kiko. They all could be high end products, and buying them on such low prices made me feel very giddy and happy.


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